Prayer Answered!

It is an absolute honour to speak at #SHRM19. A few months ago, I put it out there, on the streets of twitter that I wanted to start speaking again, I said I would warm up by MC’ing and then maybe in two years speak at SHRM. That everything has happened they way I asked, in less than 6 months, is proof that God listens to, and answers our prayers. I am a grateful🙏🏽

From playing mokou (dodgeball) on the dusty streets of Maseru, to jumping on an international stage, to tell my story, in my own voice is honestly not too shabby! I dedicate this entire moment to my late father, who loved me unconditionally, and encouraged me to always keep my head up…I stand on very broad shoulders. Please join me, in Las Vegas this June!

Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding go hand in hand like Cookies and Cream

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Branding (EB) are to the human resources department what marketing is to the organization. Through our EB efforts, we manage to position ourselves against our competitors in the marketplace by communicating the salient features of our employer value proposition offering to prospective candidates.

Traditionally, candidates applied for a job by sending their CV in response to an advertisement. These days, attracting talent has become a lot harder than that, as candidates need to understand who we are as an organisation, and what we can offer to them as a career and not just a job. The need is no longer about just getting a pay check at the end of the month, but more about culture fit and growth.

Research shows that candidates want to see more creative stuff, pictures, they want to see what life would be like at our organization through compelling story telling. Organizations need to be in tune with social media trends, and constantly review analytics to understand talent needs and wants. 

The purpose is to assist our talent acquisition process to improve quality of hires, reduce costs by finding candidates directly and vice versa, to communicate our culture, values, EVP and to give a real impression of what life would be like working with us.

So, while our EB is directed to the external market, EVP is what we offer employees, and as such, what we claim to have and do well in the marketplace, must match what is experienced by our people internally. The best way to endorse our EVP through EB is by creating brand ambassadors, and providing them with a toolkit on how to roll out our content strategy.