Happy Women’s Month!

As Women’s month comes to an end in South Africa, I am reminded that we do not need to be perfect, in fact, striving for perfection stiffles us in many ways and prevents us from seeing our inherent beauty. So, from now on, I pledge to embrace my dysfunctionalities along with my creative, emotional and mental brilliance!

Blessed love and light to you!

#womensmonth #grateful

Speaking at #SHRM19

When I walked up to the venue to get mic’d up, I saw Steve Browne on stage and thought “okay, this is it, I am totally dead, speaking after Steve is unthinkable”. I felt tested, so I improvised by asking the backstage manager to play one of my favorite songs, to help rev me up a little bit, “Africa” by Salif Keita

The Smart Stage is challenging in that you have only 18 minutes to make an impact, so you need to speak fast, and the greatest tip from the stage manager was to use very few words in my slides. Yes, I was a ball of nerves, but this was an opportunity I could not afford to miss.

A massive shout out to the my friends from the #SHRM19BlogSquad who took time out of their hectic schedules to come and hear me speak and to support me. Your energy and smiles kept me going: Mary Williams, Chris Orozco, Lorena Parbon, Amanda Brunson, Keith Enochs, Paul LaLonde, Wendy Dailey, Nicole Roberts, Kyra Matkovich, Ben Watts (I hope I didn’t miss anyone, pls forgive me)…I hope to be able to return the favor to you one day. I appreciate you!

And big thank you Andrew Morton for the opportunity and the words of encouragement when I got off stage.

#SHRM19 was an overdose of good experiences. I am eternally grateful to God for making it all possible, and can’t wait for #SHRM20 in San Diego, please join us!